• DTB Already Free Guitar Songbook
    Item #: D6AM08
    Learn the songs - and the solos - from The Derek Trucks Band's GRAMMY-winning 2009 album Already Free like never before, with the new Already Free guitar songbook from Cherry Lane Music Publishing! For the first time, you can purchase professional-quality transcriptions, guitar tablature and lyrics of all the songs from dTb's GRAMMY-winning album Already Free. Full transcriptions of songs like "Down In The Flood," "Get What You Deserve," and "Sweet Inspiration" make this book required reading for musicians and fans alike.
    • $24.99
  • Derek Trucks Legendary Licks Songbook with CD
    Item #: D6AM10
    Note-for-note transcriptions and detailed performance notes on how to play 9 hits from Derek Trucks:
    • All I Do
    • Anyday
    • Desdemona
    • Down in the Flood
    • Dreams I'll Never See
    • Joyful Noise
    • Maki Madni
    • So Close, So Far Away
    • This Sky

    plus info on his gear setup. Also includes CD with slowed-down versions for fast and tricky passages.
    • $20.00